Biosimilars: use and substitution

Biopharmaceuticals that have the same active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) but originate from different manufacturers cannot be substituted or switched with each other at the pharmacy. However, that is supposed to change in 2022.

And yet there are many reasons for why this decision should remain exclusively with doctors. Learn more about why this is the case – and what consequences the projected substitution at pharmacy level could have here.

Why doctors should decide over the use of biosimilars

Complex application, professional consultation, impending nocebo effect: Patients who take a biosimilar require doctor’s advice and medical consultation

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Arguments against automatic substitution

Price pressure weakens security of supply. Peter Stenico, chairman of the AG Pro Biosimilars warns current politics not to make the same mistake twice.

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No substitution with biologicals at pharmacy level!

In our view, the interchangeability of biologicals and substitution at pharmacy level as determined in the the new law for more safety in the supply of pharmaceuticals in Germany (GSAV) endanger the success of biosimilars. Politicians and policymakers should reconsider this decision.

Position paper (in German)
Kein Austausch in der Apotheke
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