Chair persons and Office

The AG Pro Biosimilars is the interest platform of the biosimilar companies in Germany. It is represented by two chairpersons

and the office. The two chairpersons and the staff of the Berlin office introduce themselves here.

Walter Röhrer, Stv. Vorsitzender der AG Pro Biosimilars
Walter Röhrer Chair Mehr Informationen
Walter Röhrer

The social scientist has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 1999 and moved to Biogen GmbH (Munich) in 2015. There he has been part of the management team of the biosimilars business unit as Associate Director Market Access since April

Dr. Christopher Kirsch Vice-Chair Mehr Informationen
Dr. Christopher Kirsch

Dr. Christopher Kirsch is a pharmacist and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2003. After many years of management in marketing/sales functions for Sandoz/Hexal, he has been responsible for Market Access for Sandoz Germany since 2018.

Pro Generika - Geschäftsstelle
Bork Bretthauer Managing Director Mehr Informationen
Bork Bretthauer

The political scientist worked as office manager for Federal Health Minister Andrea Fischer, later as a member of the executive board for the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies. He has been managing director of Pro Generika since

Gloria von Schorlemer Lawyer / Member of the Executive Board Mehr Informationen
Gloria von Schorlemer

Gloria von Schorlemer has been responsible for the legal department of Pro Generika since 2011. She has many years of experience in associations of the pharmaceutical industry. Before joining Pro Generika, she was, among other things, a lawyer in Ber

Pro Generika -Geschäftsstelle
Pro Generika -Geschäftsstelle
Frederike Voglsamer Head of Market Access Mehr Informationen
Frederike Voglsamer

As a pharmacist, Frederike Voglsamer has been with Pro Generika since 2017 and is responsible for topics such as the economic and legal framework conditions for generics and biosimilars. Previously, she worked as a specialist team leader at BARMER.

Anna Steinbach Head of Communication / Member of the Executive Board Mehr Informationen
Anna Steinbach

After completing her traineeship at the Axel Springer School of Journalism, the German studies and history graduate worked for many years at daily newspapers and an advertising agency. Since 2019, she has been responsible for the area of communicatio

Anna Steinbach, Leiterin Pressestelle
Pro Generika-Geschäftsstelle
Franziska Strobel M.A. Assistant to the management Mehr Informationen
Franziska Strobel M.A.

Franziska Strobel, who has an M.A. in English/American Studies/Politics and Psychology, has been supporting the work of the AG since 2006. Previous positions include the exchange organisation CIEE and the media monitoring institute Landau Media.

Annett Hübsch Office Manager Mehr Informationen
Annett Hübsch

As an industrial business administrator, Annett Hübsch had her own office service company for several years before she joined the Pro Generika team in 2006 and has also supported the work of the working group since then.

Pro Generika-Geschäftsstelle

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