We are an interest group representing the biosimilars manufacturers in Germany under the umbrella of Pro Generika, the German association for generics manufacturers. We advocate for the interests of biosimilars –

whether it is engagement with politicians, other pharmaceuticals players and representatives of patients and the general public.

The companies are ensuring that more and more biosimilars are entering the market, thereby ensuring that the therapy costs for expensive biopharmaceutical APIs are sinking. Biosimilars are successor products of previously patent-protected biologicals (biopharmaceuticals), which are comparable in terms of efficacy, but less expensive than the original. Biosimilars provide financial relief for health insurance providers and ensure that more and more patients receive access to cutting-edge innovative biopharmaceutical therapies.

We engage in politics

If biosimilars are to reach their fullest potential in terms of an affordable and sustainable pharmaceuticals supply, they require good economic and political framework conditions. Only if enough competitors are on the market and enough biosimilars are entering the pharmaceuticals supply, can they yield positive effects. Good political and economic conditions in line with our member companies is our goal. In this, we see ourselves as a reliable point of contact for politicians and all stakeholders. 

We bring all stakeholders together

When it comes to sustainable supply with pharmaceuticals for patients, all stakeholders responsible for pharmaceuticals supply must act together. For this reason, we always count on constructive conversations with politicians and policymakers, health insurance providers, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and patient lobbies. We believe that affordable health care and the democratic access to biopharmaceutical therapies for all patients benefits all stakeholders involved and we remain ready when it comes to finding solutions in line with patients and the health care system.

We count on transparency and information

Biosimilars require the trust of doctors and patients – but also of all other stakeholders responsible for pharmaceuticals supply. We offer reliable information and consider it our task to make biosimilars more known. A pharmaceuticals group which is relatively new to the market, but one that – as shown by the already generated and continuously increasing savings biosimilars are responsible for – has already become indispensable for fair and affordable patient care with modern pharmaceuticals.

Our member companies

Ten companies that market biosimilars in Germany have joined forces in the AG Pro Biosimilars.

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chair & office

Our chairpersons and our the office introduce themselves

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