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What are biosimilars? Which patient groups receive them? And which active pharmaceutical ingredients are available? All this and more will be explained here. Furthermore, you will find out what biosimilars mean to the health care system – and how we profit from them.

You will receive information on why it is important that doctors prescribe and switch to biosimilars. As well as why it could become critical if, with the introduction of automatic substitution, pharmacists could decide over the preparation to be dispensed.

The importance of biosimilars

What biosimilars are and which significance they hold for patients and our health care system is explained here.

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Access to biosimilars

Over the course of the past years, more and more biosimilars have entered the market. Which patient groups benefit from this increased supply? Which indications and active pharmaceutical ingredients are concerned? Read all about it here!

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Use and substitution of biosimilars

From 2022, biosimilars will be substituted at pharmacy level in the same way that generics are. But what does this mean for the market, and more importantly, for the supply?

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