Initially, only a small number of patients and patient groups were able to receive biosimilars. In the past few years more and more indications and active pharmaceutical ingredients were added to the portfolio.

Find out what exactly these are – and why an increasing number of patients is able to receive treatment with biopharmaceuticals thanks to biosimilars here.

More access for everyone

Ever since biosimilars came into existence, more and more patients with rheumatism can be treated with a biopharmaceutical.

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The most important indications

Patients with cancer, Crohn’s disease or rheumatism: Biosimilars can be prescribed for diseases such as these and more.

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active ingredients: an overview

When did a biosimilar active pharmaceutical ingredient enter the market? Which indications is the API authorised to treat? Which manufacturers are there? You can find answers to these questions here. (in German)

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Substitution Biosimilars
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